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The World Development Of Sewing Machines
Jul 03, 2018

After the industrial revolution in the middle of eighteenth Century, the large-scale production of the textile industry promoted the invention and development of sewing machines. In 1755, the Germans registered a patent for sewing machines in the UK but lacked textual research. In 1790, British woodworking Thomas Sant first invented the world's first single thread stitch sewing machine, which was the first to make a hole first, to wear a thread, and to sew leather shoes. In 1841, the French tailor B tresno was invented and manufactured a chain stitch sewing machine with needle hooks. In 1845, Elias ho also invented the sewing machine independently.

In 1851, the American mechanical worker I.M. SINGER invented the lock stitch sewing machine and set up SINGER company. Sewing machines in this period were basically hand-operated.

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