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Components Of A Sewing Machine
Jul 03, 2018

General sewing machines are made up of four parts: nose, frame, transmission and accessories.

The head of the machine is the main part of the sewing machine. It consists of four mechanisms, such as spiny material, hook line, line picking and feeding, and the auxiliary mechanism of winding, pressing and falling teeth. The movement of each mechanism is reasonably matched, circulate and stitch the seams.

The seat is divided into two forms, the platform plate and the chassis. The platen of the platen stands plays the role of supporting the machine head, and is used as a worktable when sewing. The platen has a variety of styles, including one bucket or multi bucket folding, Tibetan cabinet, writing desk, etc. The chassis of the chassis has the function of supporting and storing the head, making the sewing machine easy to carry and keep.

The transmission part of the sewing machine is composed of a frame, a handshake or an electric motor. The rack is the mainstay of the machine, supporting the platform and pedals. When used, the operator pedals the pedal, drives the pulley wheel through the crank, and drives the head through the belt. Most of the hand or motor are directly mounted on the machine head.

The accessories of sewing machine include machine needle, shuttle core, screwdriver, oil pot and so on.

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