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The Heating System Of The Laminator
Jul 03, 2018

The heating system consists of measuring elements, controllers and heaters. Its function is to heat up and control the water in the container, and the heat is transmitted to the compressed capacitor bar through water to make it evenly heated. The heating of the bar becomes soft, which is good for compression and can avoid cracks caused by compression.

The heating element is a stainless steel heating plate wrapped on the outer surface of the closed container. After electrifying, the electric heating plate is heated, and the heat is transmitted to the water in the container to heat it up. In practice, in order to ensure the water temperature can meet the technological requirements, heating is usually carried out before feeding, and the temperature detector is directly used to measure the water temperature. At work, the container is in a high pressure closed state, and the water temperature can only be measured and controlled by the intelligent digital display temperature controller. The temperature measurement element can not be measured directly to the liquid temperature in the container. It can only take the indirect measurement method. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the error of the measurement and the lag of control in the selection and installation of the components.

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