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Main process of die cutting machine
Jul 03, 2018

Die cutting is the most commonly used process in packaging printing. It is a molding process which is used by the die cutting tool according to the design requirements of the product design. Under the action of pressure, the printed or other ring blanks are cut into the desired shape or cut. The indentation process is to use the pressure line knife or the press die to press the line marks on the sheet through the action of pressure, or to make the bending forming by the rolling line wheel in the predetermined position. Usually, the die cutting process is to combine the die cutting tool and the press knife in the same template and die cutting and indentation on the die cutting machine at the same time, for short, the die cutting. The main process of introducing the die cutting indentation in the process is: the upper plate, the adjusting pressure, the determination of the rules, the adhesive material of the base material, the test pressure die cutting, the formal die cutting, the clear waste, the finished product reeling, and the number of pieces.

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