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The Characteristics Of The Development Trend Of The Die Cutting Machine
Jul 03, 2018

1. circular die cutting will be the best way to cut and print products in large quantities. It has been used in flexible printing production line, table printing machine, corrugated paper slotting die cutting machine, rotary non dry glue trademark printing machine, intaglio printing die cutting production line and other connecting printing equipment

2. with the rapid development of printing and packaging industry, the scale of enterprises is expanding. The application market of automatic flat die cutting machine will expand continuously. In contrast, the sales market of the semi-automatic flat press die cutting press will be further reduced. Besides the reasons such as low productivity and high labor intensity, the safety is poor and the malpractice of industrial injury is easy to occur. It is the main reason for its downhill road.

3. the production and sales of the high efficiency rotary satellite brand printing press and the flexible printing press are increased. The production efficiency of the circular die cutting of printing and connecting machines is far higher than the backward production equipment with intermittent printing and intermittent pressing die cutting.

4. the numerical control die cutting machine adapted to the full size size has been produced in our country. The die cutting machine produced by the Kun wheel machine is used as an example. The die cutting speed of the machine is 12000 / h, and it is advanced in the world.

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